A total Presale with a HARDCAP of 350 BNB and SOFT CAP of 50 BNB

ADVANTAGE HC 350 BNBC | SC 50 BNB -15% Listing Price 10,000,000 I$LAND
  • 90% Liquidity to PancakeSwap
  • 10% for Marketing and Legal advisory
  • Liquidity locked on DxSale

-15% listing price!



I$LAND is a decentralized community token built on the Binance Smart Chain.

I$LAND is the first BSC project-oriented to purchase and manage an island by token holders.

The I$LAND goal is to implement a DAO or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

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Marakorako Island offers 33,680 m2 of land between the sea and the lagoon. Equipped with hotel-style facilities and completely autonomous with water and electricity. This will allow the owners to live there all year or just come for holydays.



10% of the Tokens will be locked. When we hit the market cap of $10,000,000 this amount will be unlocked and transferred to a Multi-sig wallet, you can find out more about Multi-sig wallets here. The owners of this Multi-sig wallet will be the top 100 holders.


The token contract source code is available on BscScan. You can see the details of the presale contract at this DxSale link. As a memorable token, there's a beauty to starting simple.

Fee to reward holders

Every transaction has a 3% fee to be distributed among tokens holders.

Tokens for purchasing the island are locked

10% of the tokens for purchasing the island will be locked. When market cap hits $10,000,000 we will use this 10% to purchase the island.

Liquidity locked on DXSALE

The Liquidity will be locked on DxSale. This is a long term project.

No minting

Adding tokens after launch devaluates the price. With this contract the total supply is fixed, so no devaluation will happen


Marakorako Island is a 20-minute boat ride from Manihi Airport and offers 33,680 m2 of land between the sea and the lagoon. Manihi is located 15km east of Ahe, the nearest atoll with which it forms a commune, 70km west of Takapoto and 500km northeast of Tahiti. Air Tahiti offers 3 flights a week from Tahiti. Marakorako Island is equipped with hotel-style facilities with 5 independent bungalows.

It is completely autonomous with water and electricity and allows the owners to live there all year round. Once we purchase the Island, the community will create a logistic department which will manage the transport for the token owners to the Island. The goal is to be self-sufficient and self-managed based with a DAO system, wich means that all the decisions will be taken by the token holders. The more tokens you own, the bigger your influence.

Together we can make history in the world of Cryptocurrency giving a tangible value to a token